Accountants Love HubSpot Too!

As the Finance and HR Director at adWhite, I have more of an observatory role in the execution of the inbound marketing activities that take place here. Although I am not hands on in the work that relates directly to our client’s marketing, I am very interested in the results of our efforts. Specifically, I like to be a part of measuring the success of the effort we are putting into inbound marketing.

How to Respond to Negative Customer Reviews on Social Media

Our clients ask us about this from time to time. Thankfully for many of our clients it's a rare occurence to get a negative review, but they do happen. Most of the time the first thing someone does is panic...but don't do that! Hopefully this post will help you think through how to handle these reviews in the future.

AMC's Texting Debacle A Good Reminder to Listen to Customer Feedback

Today AMC announced – to the relief of many – that it would NOT change it’s policy and allow texting in theaters, as it threatened to earlier this month.

 In a recent interview with Variety, Adam Aron, AMC Theatres’ new CEO, discussed possible plans to allow texting in theaters in order to appeal to a younger demographic.


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