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Reformed graphic designer turned web developer. Metallica, Apple, Ninja Motorcycles — not necessarily in that order.
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HubSpot’s Content Staging

HubSpot’s Content Staging is a sandbox development environment for website pages. This is a very helpful feature for updating pages —  including the redesign of an entire website. Published sandbox pages are accessible via /, where team-members and stakeholders can proof new pages and updates before publishing them live.

Modern Web Design

For marketers, the primary responsibility of modern web design and development is to convert leads and produce results. Websites aren’t brochures anymore, they are interactive drivers that bring together businesses and customers via a thoughtful experience.

Beginning HubSpot Template Development Outside the Design Manager

The HubSpot design manager and its default modules are a handy way for HubSpot customers to package and deliver content and marketing tools via email, blogs and web pages, without having access to advanced development support.

Let's Prototype a Website!

Firstly, why prototype a website? For the same reason builders have blueprints, financiers use models and movie-makers pen screenplays and leverage pre-visualization. After the definition phase comes the design phase. Thoughtful design can save time, money, and head space for production crews. When it comes time to start shooting a movie, filmmakers would rather concentrate on creating the vision and not break stride by having to rewrite lines and scenes. One responsibility of web design is to answer as many questions as possible prior to the development phase. It’s a lot easier to alter a design than it is revamp an entire wing of a half-constructed house.Let’s prototype!

Optimizing Web Content for Voice Search

If you've ever used a personal digital assistant like Alexa, Cortana, Google Now or Siri, then you're familiar with voice search, a technology that uses speech recognition and allows a user to speak a search query into a device. Results are returned in a device-optimized format on a screen, or as audio results vocalized by the personal digital assistant. People tend to interface with voice technology differently than how they approach interactions using keyboards, and even when results are presented outside of a web browser, many of the results retrieved come from the world wide web.

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