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Building on Tradition: Growing With Effective Digital Marketing (CASE STUDY)

Company Profile
Kurk Homes is a Third-Generation, Full-Service, Custom, Build on Your Land company that has been designing and building custom dream homes for nearly 30 years. One of an exclusive group of builders chosen for the Southern Living Custom Builder Program in New Braunfels, Magnolia and Huntsville, Texas, Kurk Homes is the only Southern Living Custom Builder to have a 20-year structural warranty.

Kurk Homes competes in an extremely competitive market, against both custom and production-home providers. With a goal of growing the number of qualified leads and ultimately conversions, Kurk Homes needed to increase overall site traffic and implement a complete inbound marketing strategy. They also need to differentiate themselves and make themselves stand out from the clutter their audience had to fight through to get the information they needed.

Like many custom-home builders, Kurk Homes focused on growing its business through referrals and word-of-mouth. With a limited online presence, they were heavily focused on a paid advertising strategy — radio, print ads, billboards and PPC. While looking at the overall marketing budget, Kurk Homes realized how much more efficient it would be if it could track all its efforts to establish a true ROI.

Kurk Homes retained adWhite Marketing & Design to develop a robust content strategy and implement an inbound digital marketing plan to bring in more qualified leads and increase custom-home sales. Following the implementation of the HubSpot Marketing Software, along with custom website forms and content targeting their ideal customers, Kurk Homes has seen exceptional results.

adWhite worked with Kurk Homes to adjust its website to provide a better customer experience. We helped by creating a content-marketing strategy that focused on answering its clients’ most common questions. We developed a consistent publishing schedule, making Kurk Homes both relevant to its prospects and positioned as a market leader. We took a thorough examination of the company’s best asset — its people — and developed content around their extensive 30-year history. And we utilized email marketing to stay in front of both current customers as well as prospects.

The Results
In the first 10 months of the inbound marketing program, we’ve been able to reduce the cost per lead by 246.8%.

During this time, we delivered more than 59,205 visitors to the website and had an overall increase in organic traffic of 161%. Monthly website sessions increased by 60.2%.

What’s more, we produced 409 qualified leads in the last 10 months. That’s more than two qualified sales leads every single business day. Kurk Homes has also seen an increase in conversion rates from organic traffic arriving to the site, which alone accounted for 184 leads. Organic traffic had a contact conversion rate of 1.17% with a bounce rate of 26.86% and an average session length of 5 minutes. Kurk Homes’ social presence has improved (reach, frequency and engagement) with over 1,000 followers on Facebook and 573 fans on Instagram. And the integrated content strategy we employed has both improved the visibility of Kurk Homes and driven qualified leads to their sales team. Our inbound marketing program has not only helped to establish Kurk Homes as an industry leader, but it has had a direct impact on their new sales.

Key Results in 10 Months:

  • 161% increase in organic traffic
  • 60.2% increase in monthly website sessions
  • 409 MQLs
  • 900+ social media clicks
  • 1,000+ social media interactions
  • 3,900+ blog views
  • 246.8% decrease in cost per lead

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