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Immediate Results...Thinking Differently About SEO (CASE STUDY)

adWhite marketing & design Case Study - Extended DISC®

Company Profile
Extended DISC® takes the well-known DISC personality/behavior assessment to a new level with unique customization and ongoing training and support. They provide online profile assessments as well as training to be certified to deliver the tests, run workshops and be a DISC coach. DISC factors (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) predict your behavior toward others and the everyday things you do.

Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are the only DISC assessments in the world that can be customized to your unique needs and applications.

Even though Extended DISC® offers an exclusive product experience, their product and service has a common name and they needed to break through with a unique content approach. They were convinced that solely focusing on improving their SEO and getting better search results would automatically increase their sales and brand awareness. Extended DISC® was overlooking new leads and marketing avenues by trying to only optimize their current online presence.

Extended DISC® came to adWhite for marketing assistance in September 2017 and we began reconstructing their website. Changing the navigation, modifying headers, adding calls-to-action and rebuilding product pages to include submit forms changed their website from being a passive experience to an interactive one for existing and new leads. Through one-on-one meetings, we redirected their focus from only being interested in search results to focusing on sales and website conversions.

The Results
By thinking about SEO differently and working with adWhite, Extended DISC® saw immediate results. By including HubSpot’s marketing software, new leads and contacts were being captured and we could track the difference our marketing efforts were making on website traffic.

“Our website was pretty good technically. It was good for SEO, but we were not utilizing the website to get more business; we were concentrating on SEO ratings. adWhite helped us see that was not the best use of our r esources. While SEO is important, adWhite helped us turn our website into an actual marketing tool. They helped Extended DISC® think outside the SEO box. Extended DISC® looks forward to what’s next with each visit from adWhite. Their customer service is outstanding!”
— Margie Roesner, COO, Extended DISC®

In the first 5 months of our inbound marketing program for Extended DISC®

  • 35,8717 website sessions
  • 95% growth in monthly website traffic
  • 446 new marketing qualified leads (89+ each month)
  • 51% increase in monthly visitors from organic search

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