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Using Google Reviews as Content for Social Media & Marketing

Online reviews are becoming more and more important for businesses. We live in a digital world, so it’s no surprise that we turn to online search results and online reviews when we’re looking for recommendations on new products, restaurants, services, stores, etc.

Google Listings for Your Business — Just the Basics

Almost every day we get questions that are Google-focused. There’s a reason Google offers certifications if you’re willing to do the work and take the tests, and that reason is because Google is confusing (and is always changing)!

Online Content Creation Tools You Can Use Today

From video-creation tools to sourcing free images for your content creation, there are many online sources to assist you in your marketing efforts. Below are some resources that can be used in creating online content that we use frequently here at adWhite.

Smiles All Around - Streamlined Marketing Helps Practice Grow (CASE STUDY)

Company Profile
Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery specializes in the removal of wisdom and diseased teeth; and the preparation for and placement of dental implants. They diagnose and treat pathological and cosmetic problems, as well as other diseases and injuries of the face, mouth, dentition, jaws and neck. The practice consists of 8 board-certified doctors who practice at 6 different locations across the north Houston area.

How to Add Your Business to Waze

Waze is a highly popular traffic and navigation app that provides GPS directions for its users as well as real-time traffic updates. If there's a major traffic disruption, Waze will automatically take a different route to direct you around it, saving Wazers — as Waze users are lovingly dubbed — valuable time.