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Strategic Activities Lead To Increased Revenues (CASE STUDY)

Company Profile
Employer Flexible, founded in 2003, is a comprehensive business outsourced solutions provider that combines intuition and expertise to help its clients impact what matters to their organization. The company’s lines of service include HR Solutions, such as PEO, as well as Recruitment Solutions. Headquartered in Houston, Employer Flexible has several offices across Texas and they are passionate about getting to know each of their clients and providing them with tailored HR solutions.

Employer Flexible had a solid client base and organizational structure when they came to us in June 2017, but their internal sales department had their
hands full with proposals and other sales activities. With no designated agency partner or team of in-house marketers, they were missing opportunities. They didn’t have the tools or processes needed to manage and track their marketing efforts or keep prospects engaged. Additionally, their ideal buyers are extremely busy business owners or executives who are already inundated with marketing messages from various professional service providers. Their goal was to increase revenue. They were looking for help with strategic online marketing activities that could cut through the clutter and reach their targets.

Employer Flexible needed an inbound marketing strategy that combined improved website copy and conversion opportunities with informational and educational blogs, landing pages, case studies, emails and social media posts. These efforts needed to be combined with HubSpot Marketing software that allowed us to not only easily create and distribute the right content, but also track every aspect of each campaign. Good information, targeting the right prospects and delivered to those prospects in the right stage of their buying process was the formula for success that Employer Flexible needed in their competitive environment.

The Results
Employer Flexible’s goal was to provide their sales team with as many marketing qualified leads as possible. In the first year of their inbound marketing program, we were able to deliver 27 MQLs to sales, increase monthly website sessions by 45.69%, greatly improve their social presence (reach, frequency and engagement) and establish an email marketing approach that both nurtured existing prospects and introduced new ones to the benefits of working with Employer Flexible.

In Year One of Inbound Marketing Program:

  • 1,100+ social media clicks
  • 7,600+ landing page views
  • 45.59% increase in monthly website sessions
  • 27 MQLs

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