Five Books to Read Now (great for a Quarantine)

Last year we shared how reading more is beneficial to improving your marketing strategy creation and success. Now that we will be spending more time at home I think it's a good opportunity to do just that and I hope you'll join me. Here's a...
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Dark Mode in Email Clients

Person hand taking chalk drawn email sign
Dark mode has come to email clients. I first noticed it in my iPhone on Outlook. It's a feature I have been wanting to use in my phone since...
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Awesome WordPress Plugins

Since I joined adWhite, we have built around 30 sites using WordPress. We have dealt with all kinds of disasters — and successes as well. Th...
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The Benefits of Switching from Chrome to Firefox

Since I fully switched to Firefox, it’s been hard to use Chrome again. I use it sometimes to test cross-browser compatibility in websites an...
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How to Use “Source” Meta Tags to Syndicate Content to Other Domains

With the need to diversify the mediums where we publish content, sometimes it’s a good idea to reuse content we already have, especially if ...
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