Katie Clymer

No one really knows what Katie does at adWhite. She dabbles in all areas of the business. When she isn’t managing content and social posts she’s procuring the perfect gifts for family, friends and clients. Katie enjoys traveling, fancy hotels, all holidays, and providing hot to-go food on monogrammed china for her family.
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You Can’t Go Wrong With Checklists

I am all about to-do lists. But I'm even more about completing things on that list. Checking a box or crossing out a line gives me major satisfaction. I also love a good list to refer to when I have to perform something that I don’t do that often. It’s like a set of directions for me. I don’t know how many times a month I think, "Ah! We need a list for that!" Recently I was talking to a coworker about a client who's going to change their contract with us, which meant a change in the services we perform for them each month. We were spewing off all the things that needed to take place in the next 2 months. Just thinking of the tasks and figuring out who would do what was taking productive time away from other clients. So, we had that a-ha moment: we need a checklist for when clients shift from one set of services to another.

Act Like A Prospect For Your Clients

We work with many different clients across a wide range of industries. And while we have a pretty good handle on basic as well as more in-depth online marketing activities, we found that there are a few simple activities we can perform monthly for our clients that provide a lot of value. These are so simple that you may not even think they are worthwhile, but we have many real-world examples that prove they are.

Monthly Reporting to Clients

Monthly reports are important! Providing our clients with monthly reports serves many purposes. For one — and the main reason we started doing it — we want our clients to see what they are paying for, both our activities and the results. Marketing used to be hard to measure or quantify. But now we have access to tons of online tracking and data that can break down our monthly efforts, so clients can pretty easily see what we are doing and the results of these efforts.

HubSpot Tips & Tricks - Where a File is  Being Used

I feel like I discover neat little tricks in HubSpot every day. Recently I was cleaning out our images folder within the FILES section of our account and I noticed a really nifty feature – This File is Used In. So basically, you can click on a file/image and in the file details it lists out where that file/image is used within your site/social posts/emails. This will really help with making sure you don’t double use a stock image. Very nifty!

Common Sense Communication Skills

It’s Friday afternoon and you are ready to hit the door and start your weekend then your phone buzzes and you take a peek and it’s a text from a client in all CAPS and lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your heart drops. You break out in a sweat. Your brain enters overdrive mode and you start envisioning every horrible inconceivable situation you can imagine. So, you pick the phone up to call your client and stare longingly at the door knowing your weekend is not about to get started. 10 minutes later you hang up and take a deep breath. False alarm. Your client was perfectly happy. You just over analyzed their text message and probably lost 5 years off your life.