Katie Clymer

No one really knows what Katie does at adWhite. She dabbles in all areas of the business. When she isn’t managing content and social posts she’s procuring the perfect gifts for family, friends and clients. Katie enjoys traveling, fancy hotels, all holidays, and providing hot to-go food on monogrammed china for her family.
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Video Killed the Phone Call … or Something Like That

You’ve probably noticed that you're seeing videos more and more. Whether it’s on a social platform or in an email newsletter, videos are becoming the norm. For me, it’s a little nerve-racking to create videos (insert total kid voice coming from an adult), but I know it’s the way of the future! There are so many applications to use video in and ways to introduce it into your daily communications and touches to clients. Here are my tips:

5 Reasons Why I Love HubSpot Support

It’s pretty well known that we LOVE HubSpot here at adWhite. We love the software and the people behind the software. But just like all things in tech, it's always changing. HubSpot is constantly evolving to better serve its users and this means that the exact path you follow to perform certain tasks within the software gets changed. I’ll log in to do something and — boom – that little feature has moved. There is usually some type of warning prior to things changing, but I tend to miss most of these warnings.

adWhite Named a Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Houston for 2019

Since 2002, we’ve optimized outreach for our clients through our content marketing, web design and conversion organization services. Our techniques pull our clients’ prospects toward their website and successfully converts them into customers. We are truly specialists when it comes to these practices and, as a result, we’ve caught the eye of Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews company based in the heart of Washington, D.C.

Website & Email Tracking & Reporting: key terms to understand

One of the biggest benefits of using HubSpot is the amazing tracking that comes with the software. Just a few years ago, you would send an email out and that's where it ended. You never knew the stats of who was opening that email or clicking on a link. I love drilling down on the details after we send out an email campaign. And I am sure I flippantly throw out the terms we use to measure those stats to clients with no explanation of what they really are or why they are important. Here are just a few of the email and website measurements we use to gauge how successfully an email or web page/website is performing. 

Swoogo + HubSpot: An example of a successful implementation

Recently we had a client reach out to us with questions about an event-scheduling software program that integrates with HubSpot. First off, we love when the client is looking to connect more tools to HubSpot and therefore get more value from the platform. Our client added a training facility to their location last year and was looking for a way to streamline the scheduling and registration of the weekly training classes. This client was offering classes to clients, potential clients and employees. In his research, the client came across software called Swoogo and asked that we take a look at it and let him know our thoughts.