Katie Clymer

No one really knows what Katie does at adWhite. She dabbles in all areas of the business. When she isn’t managing content and social posts she’s procuring the perfect gifts for family, friends and clients. Katie enjoys traveling, fancy hotels, all holidays, and providing hot to-go food on monogrammed china for her family.
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Is the Pandemic Making us Lose our Common Sense Communication Skills?

Since the pandemic hit, whether you liked it or not, you had to get yourself familiar real quick with communicating via email, phone, or video. The first few months of the pandemic I felt like we were all on edge and every email and call you got was a 911 emergency.

You didn't want to leave any client hanging. I felt like I was in a constant state of panic, but I kept telling myself it would all snap back to normal in a few weeks.

How to Write an Effective Blog Post

When the latest writing assignment arrived in my inbox, I had to do a double-take.

“How to Write an Effective Blog Post”!?!

My first thought was that “robots” had taken over and were trying to achieve AI dominance by learning how to write like humans.

Changing Up Your Website Perspective

Whenever we have clients reach out to us asking us for a refresh or website update we like to take take a step back and review their online presence as well. We work with a wide range of industries. While we have a pretty good handle on basic as well as more in-depth online marketing activities, we have found that there are a few simple activities we can perform monthly for our clients that provide a lot of value. These are so simple that you may not even think they are worthwhile, but we have many real-world examples that prove they are.

Takeaways and Random Thoughts from Inbound 2019

At the beginning of September a few of us from the adWhite team packed our suitcases and headed to Boston for Inbound 2019 + Partner Day. It was a jam-packed week full of informative sessions, talks, and a few fun meals in between. I always leave Inbound feeling refreshed and encouraged to shake things up a bit! Which is good - change is good!

Clutch Lists adWhite as a Top Advertising & Marketing Company!

Since 2002, adWhite has been doing digital marketing for small- to mid-market clients. We provide all the digital marketing services you could possibly need, from keyword research to SEO to lead nurturing. We are a Platinum Certified HubSpot Agency Partner, and we produce inbound marketing strategies.