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Importance of Professional Certifications

I'm a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) licensed in the state of Texas. I first became a licensed CPA way back in 1994. It took a lot of work and I can still remember all of the long nights I spent after my day job studying for the exam. I'm proud of the designation and I worked hard for it, so I don't want to let it go. Plus, I need the skills and knowledge of a CPA to properly handle the finances at adWhite.

Knowing Your Expenses Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

Yeah, it's another blog post from the resident accountant!!! Get excited!

Accountants Love HubSpot Too!

As the Finance and HR Director at adWhite, I have more of an observatory role in the execution of the inbound marketing activities that take place here. Although I am not hands on in the work that relates directly to our client’s marketing, I am very interested in the results of our efforts. Specifically, I like to be a part of measuring the success of the effort we are putting into inbound marketing.

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