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Our Picture Obsession

In general we all love pictures. They connect us to a memory. They are an important part of the story being told. However, have we all become a little obsessed with them?

Getting to Know LinkedIn

I'm on LinkedIn...finally!!! I'm a little behind the times, that's OK, I can handle that. I've been active on a few other social channels - Instagram and  Twitter - for some time. I never got a Facebook account, and it looks like I made the right call there. However, I never really had a need for LinkedIn or fully understood it until recently.

The Power of Customer Loyalty Programs

I remember when I signed up for my first customer loyalty program. It was at the urging of my husband during my checkout at a Hallmark store many years ago. I can recall them asking me to sign up and thinking, "why bother?", but my husband encouraged me to go ahead because what could it hurt? I think back to that every time I get Hallmark rewards coupons in the mail and sort of chuckle that I really didn’t think it would be worthwhile.

What is a Considered Buy?

Every Sunday afternoon, I race through the grocery store picking the same items off the shelves that I purchased the week before. In preparation mode for another busy week, my only consideration is how much time this shopping trip is taking! This is routine shopping that doesn’t require extra thought or information besides opening our weekly calendar and thinking about what tastes good for dinner. We all have many routine shopping trips like this week in and week out, but we also have plenty of considered buys, and how we approach those purchases is much different.

Superb Customer Service Sets The Tone and Sets You Apart

I recently escaped for our family summer vacation. The beginning of the trip was the typical experience — stressful airport check-in and security lines, warm airplanes with a variety of scents lingering, long travel days with hungry teenagers in tow — but also lots of eager anticipation about the restful and fun days to come. Upon arrival at our hotel, we were greeted with warm, friendly faces that wanted to be sure we were taken care of from the start. I thought it was a great first impression but didn't realize how much the spirit of their customer service would extend into our stay.

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