Happy woman in sunglasses and dress walking outdoors. Looking at camera

Our Picture Obsession

In general we all love pictures. They connect us to a memory. They are an important part of the story being told. However, have we all become a little obsessed with them?
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Getting to Know LinkedIn

I'm on LinkedIn...finally!!! I'm a little behind the times, that's OK, I can handle that. I've been active on a few other social channels - ...
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The Power of Customer Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Program card with colorful background with defocused lights
I remember when I signed up for my first customer loyalty program. It was at the urging of my husband during my checkout at a Hallmark store...
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What is a Considered Buy?

Every Sunday afternoon, I race through the grocery store picking the same items off the shelves that I purchased the week before. In prepara...
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Superb Customer Service Sets The Tone and Sets You Apart

Customer service
I recently escaped for our family summer vacation. The beginning of the trip was the typical experience — stressful airport check-in and sec...
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