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“But I want it NOW!”

Our world has started to deliver many things at lightning speed compared to a mere 10 years ago. Packages arrive on your doorstep within 2 days. The waiting time for medical test results has been drastically reduced. Google answers our questions with a quick type and search. And thanks to FastPass, your wait for the most popular attractions at Disney World is now a fraction of what it used to be.

Core Values Matter

As chief bean counter at adWhite, I get a slightly different view of the work and effort that goes into the many tasks that drive successful inbound marketing results for our clients. I’m a little bit on the outside looking in, hearing the dialogue about strategy and objectives and then seeing the results that culminate from all the tasks that were executed. It’s exciting and rewarding to see the success stories, and I often give thought to the key ingredients that help us achieve these positive outcomes.

The Good Side of Social Media

This is a little bit of a self-help post. I'm a mother of two teenagers, so I'm well aware of the bad side of social media. However, I'm also finding many good things about social media. I want to highlight those so they stay top of mind … to me at least.

This is also my attempt to talk about some positive uses I've found for social media and how I've constructively used some channels in my personal and professional life. Also, how social media has been used by others in an extremely beneficial way.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based (Accounting) Software

When we started our marketing firm, there were a few essentials we quickly discovered we needed. One of those was accounting software that would enable us to properly record all of our transactions as well as provide reporting and tax information when needed. We turned to QuickBooks and it has been a great solution for us. It is one of the first and most important software purchases we made. Now, after 16 years of utilizing the desktop version, we have finally made the switch to QuickBooks Online. This has been sitting on the to-do list for quite some time. The desktop version has been good to us and was there to continue to perform the necessary functions we needed. We were also very used to and comfortable with the functionality. The thought of a software migration brings the words "headache" and "time-consuming" to mind, therefore it never moved to the top of the priority list. But, I can feel that I am going to wonder why I didn't make the switch earlier!

HubSpot Certifications for Non-Marketers

We love HubSpot and most of our employees use it every single day. In my role, though, I'm mostly responsible for finance, accounting and human resources. I do engage with our clients occasionally, usually monthly when I communicate with them about invoices. Also, I participate in our weekly staff meetings and hear from our account managers on what is and isn't working for our clients. Therefore, having a working understanding of HubSpot is extremely helpful to my job. And the more I know, the more value I can bring to our clients and to adWhite.