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The Power of Social Media Planning


Planning is obviously important when it comes to how your business operates - and it applies to social media as well. You probably know what message you want to send, but the execution is a little more complex.

Here are some quick tips to help guide you when planning out your social media. Take these into account before the day you want to post and it will make your life so much easier.

Post your message to all of your social media platforms.

Doing so will help your search engine rankings, as well as keep any of your followers on different platforms from missing the memo. You might not have the same followers on each platform, so if you want everyone to hear your message, say it – everywhere! But when you do, make sure you…

Tweak your message for each platform.

I cannot emphasize this enough – all social media platforms are NOT the same. They are very different animals. If you’re wanting to get the word out about a charity your company is volunteering for, you will need to construct the status update for Facebook differently than the tweet for Twitter. For example, you might post on Facebook,

We really enjoyed helping out with this charity this week. Thanks to everyone who came out to help!

With a picture from the festivities, whereas on Twitter you would say.

Had a great time with this charity today and can't wait to help out again! #service

Both allow people to chime in with a response, but the Twitter one is more casual.

Plan your schedule thoughtfully.

First off, decide when and how often you want to post. Then, map out a schedule on a calendar for each social media platform. You can either set reminders for yourself to post at a certain time, or use a scheduling tool, to make sure the posts go out on time. Also, keep in mind that a post at 12 at night is not likely to spark much conversation – you’ll want to thoughtfully research and consider the time of day you post. Again, each platform has their own best publishing times. 

These suggestions are a simply a place to start when creating your content calendar. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us and we will set something up to meet with you.