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To Bing Or Not to Bing....That is the Question

We perform SEO for many local clients. We understand SEO pretty well and we know that it changes constantly. One thing we’ve been laser focused on the past 12-18 months though is GOOGLE. It seems like we’ve been all Google, all the time.

This means we almost forget about the other search engines. But this blog is reminding us that Bing is still important and it deserves our attention. Read the blog here: Bing SEO & Ranking Factors – The Biggest Opportunity In SEO Today

You may not be aware of this, but the Bing engine powers Yahoo! search results. And, the combined share of search for Yahoo and Bing is now (as of December 2, 2014) roughly 35% compared to Google’s 65%…

So start paying attention to Bing. SEO’s (like us) need to adjust their efforts to account for their ranking factors, while not forgetting about Google (Google isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, trust me).