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Swoogo + HubSpot: An example of a successful implementation

Recently we had a client reach out to us with questions about an event-scheduling software program that integrates with HubSpot. First off, we love when the client is looking to connect more tools to HubSpot and therefore get more value from the platform. Our client added a training facility to their location last year and was looking for a way to streamline the scheduling and registration of the weekly training classes. This client was offering classes to clients, potential clients and employees. In his research, the client came across software called Swoogo and asked that we take a look at it and let him know our thoughts.

We set up an initial call with a Swoogo rep and began investigating it online. We had a list of questions along with the basic functions/needs our client had. The Swoogo rep was super knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions. We did a screen-share conference call and were able to see all the features and how to’s of Swoogo. We felt pretty confident that this software would be an ideal fit for our client's needs. One thing that really sticks out in retrospect is that the rep reiterated numerous times that we would need to complete the initial training after purchase and to always reach out to the help desk with any questions. This became extremely integral in my work with Swoogo later on.

We love being able to do the heavy lifting for our clients when they decide they need additional software solutions to accomplish a particular objective. When it's a tool that integrates well with HubSpot, we love it even more.

Following our Swoogo demo call, we went back to our client and said let’s do it! I won’t lie, the initial setup was rough — lots of trial and error on my part. We wanted to set up a main page with a calendar view that potential students could use to select the classes they want to register for. This is where the help desk came in to play a huge part of our Swoogo success. I reached out with many issues, and they were always very quick to jump in and help me. If they couldn’t help me right away, then they would always follow up with a solution. My biggest kudos to the Swoogo team is they are very receptive to input and ideas. If I had a request that could not be implemented through the Swoogo software, I would submit it to the Swoogo development team — and, so far, all of my requests have been filled! I think this shows a lot about a growing company when you know they are really listening to and heeding your requests.

Swoogo showed us how they value customer service with their hands-on involvement throughout the setup process. And we are extremely thankful we were able to handle our client's needs without him even needing to be involved. He just wanted a solution that worked. It was our job to make it work.

We are about 4 months into our Swoogo + HubSpot integration and things are working smoothly for us and for the client. I feel like the software has alleviated a lot stress for our client. He can now easily keep track of classes/workshops he's offering, update them easily and see reports on the sessions. We love the automated communication we can set up for attendees (for messages both before and after their training classes). My biggest takeaways from the experience so far are (a) there is great software out there to solve almost any pain and (b) once you find it, don’t hesitate to lean on the developers and fully utilize their support so you can ensure a smooth implementation. These are the people who are in the trenches with the software. They built it and manage it and deal with many others who use it. Talking to them can only benefit you and your client.

If you are in the market for event-scheduling software that integrates with HubSpot, you’ll for sure want to check out Swoogo. We highly recommend it!