5 Reasons Why I Love HubSpot Support

It’s pretty well known that we LOVE HubSpot here at adWhite. We love the software and the people behind the software. But just like all things in tech, it's always changing. HubSpot is constantly evolving to better serve its users and this means that the exact path you follow to perform certain tasks within the software gets changed. I’ll log in to do something and — boom – that little feature has moved. There is usually some type of warning prior to things changing, but I tend to miss most of these warnings.

Other times, a client will have a very specific request and I am not sure how to execute it within HubSpot. When either of these things happen, I first do a quick search of the HubSpot Knowledge Base. That normally yields the answer or at least part of the answer. But if that ever fails or if I ever need additional clarification, I can always contact HubSpot Support.

Let me tell you something, HubSpot Support is AWESOME. When issues arise that I can't resolve myself, I simply hop on the chat line with support and I am rockin' and rollin' within minutes.

It took me several months to figure out that it is much more efficient for me to ask the experts for help rather than trying to bounce around the portal trying to figure it out for myself. Here are 5 reasons why I love HubSpot Support and why you will too:

  1. Accessibility: They make is so easy. You can live chat, email or call. I prefer the live chat for most issues – I mean, who likes to talk on the phone anymore, ewwww. But I have had to call in on an occasion and the HubSpot specialists have always been easy to understand and efficient in finding a resolution for my issue.

  2. Knowledge: I'm sure it will happen someday, but I have yet to call in and not have HubSpot at least partially resolve my issue or answer my question. All of the HubSpot reps have been very knowledgeable and, if they can’t answer my question themselves, they refer me to an issue-specific specialist who has been able to help me.

  3. Follow-Up: On the rare occasion when the HubSpot Support Specialist wasn’t able to immediately answer my question, they rocked it in the follow-up. You’ll get a follow-up email with a summary of your issue and the resolution as well as a link to your ticket. They also utilize this follow-up to confirm you found a resolution. Sometimes I have to reply to that email with a question and it actually goes to the support person who initially assisted me — not a random email address. I love this because there is nothing more frustrating than having to re-tell your whole story to a new rep. Your whole interaction is right there in the email chain and the support ticket.

  4. Tracking: Did you know you can see all of your support tickets in your HubSpot Support Inbox? Yeah — it’s awesome. You can go all the way back to your first ticket ever. I love this because I often have to refer back to fixes and they are all nicely and neatly organized in my profile. You can also see all support tickets from your team. So if you need to share a fix with co-workers, you can share the link and they have access as well. Nice!

  5. Screen Recording: I'm sure you are well aware that video is the latest and greatest in all things business. HubSpot has taken advantage of this trend and HubSpot Support will often send screen shares/videos to explain how to do something. I love these. They're efficient and super useful.

So, what have we learned here? HubSpot rocks. But more importantly, their support staff rocks! A platform is only useful to us if we can actually use it and understand it, and we need help with that sometimes. Save yourself time and brain power and next time you hit a snag while in the HubSpot portal, just go ahead hit the little purple button in the bottom right corner.


Katie Clymer

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