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Giving Inbound a Second Chance (CASE STUDY)

Company Profile
May Recreation Equipment & Design is a top supplier of commercial-grade park and playground equipment, splash pads, shade shelters, playground safety surfacing and related products in East Texas. With over 15 years of experience in playground design, their team helps design, fundraise and install the perfect playground.

May Recreation needed an overhaul of their website to fix confusing navigation and to organize their many products and vendor links. Potential clients from schools, communities, churches and residential neighborhoods weren’t finding them on social media.

May Recreation was lacking a CRM system to keep track of 15 years’ worth of a client base and no marketing activity to target new prospects. Minuscule and infrequent social media activity was hindering brand awareness, user experience and new sales opportunities. Their website was barely functioning and they were leery of working with another marketing firm.

May Recreation had previously briefly explored inbound marketing via a different HubSpot partner but hadn’t been utilizing the software. When they came to us in the summer of 2016, our priorities were to reactivate their HubSpot account, fully redo their website and establish social media channels. Using HubSpot’s CRM to manage their relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers allowed us to start building campaigns that targeted past buyers as well as new prospects. Exciting social media posts, regular blogs and well-placed call-to-action buttons and offers brought in traffic and increased brand loyalty.

The Results
HubSpot’s marketing platform allowed us to easily track our activities and the results. Performance in 2017 showed 135 new leads, landing page conversion rates of up to 18% and increased social media followers. Quarter 4 even showed a 77% increase in site visits from Quarter 3!

  • 225+ social activities
  • 51% increase of Twitter followers
  • 37% increase of Facebook followers
  • Qtr 1: 1,247 site visits, 46 LEADS
  • Qtr 2: 1,463 site visits, 37 LEADS
  • Qtr 3: 1,344 site visits, 24 LEADS
  • Qtr 4: 2,379 site visits, 28 LEADS
  • 135 Qualified Leads Delivered in One Year

May Recreation is confident leads and sales will continue to increase as we generate ongoing inbound marketing activities and personalized content.

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