What Will They Say in the Year 2120?

From the Bubonic Plague to Ford’s invention of the assembly line, the way society progresses relies on pivotal events; sometimes intentional and other times not. While we are still adjusting to changes due to COVID-19 and unsure of what the next six months will look like, I can’t help but wonder what history books will say about this time 100 years from now.  How will this pandemic affect the way we work and shop, where we choose to live, and more?

Since 2005, remote work has grown by 115% and at the end of 2019 there were many predictions for a continuation of this “trend.” Now many companies are turning to this method of work out of necessity. Will CEO’s and employees find they like the new arrangement? Will the lack of having to commute increase productivity and creativity? With the ability to “work from anywhere” will society return to a more rural versus urban community?

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One observation I’ve noticed is that while many are feeling the uncertainty deeply, they aren’t giving into fear. Instead they are turning to the technological resources at our disposal. Video marketing, community marketing, influencer marketing whatever you want to call it is poised for a major shift. With many schools closed for the next month I’m seeing many teachers, illustrators, performance artists jump online and offer services and joy. How will this affect long-term learning?

Social distancing reminds me of a very intense Whole 30. At first it seems daunting to change our ways, but by the end perhaps we’ll have created new habits. Sure, we’ll probably introduce some activities back into our lives, like eating at restaurants. It’s likely though that in many ways we’ll appreciate and enjoy some parts of our “new normal.”

Becca McPhail

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