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Becca approaches each challenge with a cup of coffee and a smile. When she isn't wearing her Digital Marketing Coordinator hat at adWhite, you'll probably find her building elaborate LEGO sets with her boys or planning the next family escape to Disney. She dreams of one day becoming a beekeeper.
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New Social Media Channels - Early Adopt or Wait?

My husband recently got invited to join Clubhouse; the voice based social network. While I’m not typically an early adopter, I did enjoy the opportunity to observe and eavesdrop as he downloaded the app, browsed topics and joined a conversation. About a week later, a colleague mentioned he was already planning on how to apply Clubhouse’s innovative way of communicating to reach his audience and set himself up as a real-time resource in ways that blogs and even podcasts can’t.

That got me thinking…how do you know the time is right to implement yet another social platform into your marketing playbook?

Why Repurposing Content Should Be Part of Your Strategy

As you probably already know, regular updates to your website and social media channels help position you as an authority in your field, both to your buyers, no matter their phase of the journey, and to search engines. Armed with this knowledge, many marketing teams include a calendar for drafting new content as a business goal for the year.

Here’s the thing though, creating new content involves a lot of work. From brainstorming to completion new content takes time and energy. Often, while original content creation starts at the top of a priority list, it’s often pushed lower and lower on the to-do list for other deadline focused tasks.

4 Tips for Your Virtual Trade Show Booth

For many industries, especially in the B2B community, trade shows were the backbone of networking and sales. They offered a unique opportunity to bring products and technology to the marketplace first hand. Tens of thousands of dollars were built into marketing budgets for booths, printed materials, branded fidget spinners, and more!

Spreading Cheer: A 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

As we officially enter the Season of Giving, this year feels undeniably different. While deep down we all have something to be grateful for, there is still uncertainty surrounding us. Although the traditional holiday office party is probably not going to happen, there are still many ways to celebrate and show your appreciation to your employees, clients, or vendors. Here are a few of our favorites.

3 Office Party Alternatives for 2020

The holiday office party - like a good Mad Libs story, includes excitement and anticipation, but can quickly veer into cringe-worthy. With many companies still allowing their employees the opportunity to work remote, a traditional, large celebratory gathering is unlikely. However, that doesn’t have to mean you have to go full Bah Humbug!

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