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Online Marketing Raises Awareness and Produces 11+ MQLs Monthly (CASE STUDY)

Company Profile
Based in Southeast Texas, Mobile Specialty Vehicles is a global leader in commercial specialty vehicles. MSV are true pioneers in the specialty and recreational vehicle industry with roots that began in the early 1950s. Building state-of-the-art vehicles for over 39 years, they specialize in rescue, medical and command operations. These include blood collection, mammography, vision, dental, audiology, primary health care (PHC), command and SWAT among other platforms. Driven behind a greater mission, MSV is proudly serving those who serve others.

Mobile Specialty Vehicles had a limited online presence and an incredible story to tell, but they had very little exposure outside of a few niche markets. The website didn't have any forms to submit or request information. There was no blog or social media presence and they were missing an opportunity to capture their ideal customers. MSV needed a customer-centric and mobile friendly website along with an inbound marketing strategy to raise awareness of their brand and increase online leads. While their sales efforts remained fairly “old school” with phone calls and face-to-face meetings, the company needed to improve their online presence to address the needs of the modern buyer. The buyer of their product needs to do considerable research before placing an order.

The first priority was to rebuild the website so that it was responsive, included detailed information about all product and possible system configurations, and had detailed forms that allowed prospects to outline a majority of their requirements via an online submission form (without having to speak to a sales person). Then, setting up social channels to help spread their message and increase overall reach was needed.

The next step was to utilize HubSpot Marketing Software to develop relevant content, create workflows for all online submissions, and improve on-page SEO for the website. From there, the adWhite team built various campaigns based on the identified target personas and industries. We then created content and social messaging to reinforce email marketing communications.

The Results
Every aspect of the inbound marketing plan was measured in HubSpot – email opens, social media growth, website traffic, lead conversions and much more. The results for year one were impressive:

Grew monthly site sessions from 439 to 1061 during 2018 (141.69% increase)

Delivered 139 marketing qualified leads through the website in 2018 (more than 11 per month – all year long)

Organic Search Traffic (growth from previous year):

--45% of total traffic (7% growth from 2017)
--45.22% bounce rate (26% improvement over 2017)
--129 second average session length (52 seconds longer than 2017)

I can’t praise adWhite enough for what Taylor has done over the years. What a talented team to be partnered with! The care and attention they put into helping each company grow is impressive and I’m so grateful for them an what they do. From online presence, HubSpot CRM, design, SEO, you name it – they do it. I can't imagine not having their service and support.
Chris Nichols, President

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