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In House vs. Agency Marketing – what is best for you?

Congrats! Your business has grown (or you’re just now starting!) and you’re in decision mode: Do you hire an in-house marketing team or engage an agency/firm? Both have qualities that can be very beneficial to your business. Here are some criteria that will help you choose which one might work the best for you.

Let’s look at their relationship to you.

In-house marketing refers to employees who work directly for, and exclusively with, your company/brand. It may consist of one person, or even a team. They have the benefit of spending all their time on your company or portfolio of brands. You are always priority number one. 

At an agency, you outsource for a team of experts who use their talents to help your brand, but also others in need of their services. Both parties will need to clearly communicate deadlines and expectations as the team will also be engaged with other companies. 

Business team working together in office

The skillset.

Depending on the size of your company you'll need to also consider whether you want an in-house team of one or more. Marketing encompasses a wide variety of activities. It can be difficult to find a person who is adept at all aspects of marketing.

By working with an agency you may have a main project manager as your contact, but they are supported by an entire team with specialized training. 

The creative perspective.

The in-house option not only means you'll have more immediate access, but they are able to see first-hand what's going on in your office. They can get a feel for the culture of your brand. Being on location offers them a perspective they can include in their creative.

As for an agency, they have more outside influencers. They may have experience in your field or industry and already know what your audience responds to. A wider portfolio of clients has the potential for added insight that can help elevate creative ideas for your business.

The cost.

In-house marketing consists of marketing management that you hire. It may seem less expensive to hire a single, on-hand employee for your marketing strategy, but consider the hiring process, and training. Aside from salary, you will be budgeting for office space, benefits, computers, and resources to fulfill job expectations. All funded by you. 

Marketing agencies can be hired either at an hourly rate for a one time project or a retainer relationship may be arranged. An agency pays for its own software, tools, tech, and training. While outsourcing may sound elite and expensive, it might be less expensive for your business in the long run.

which to choose?

Breakdown your goals and your needs to help you figure out whether to go with in-house marketing or a marketing agency. What are your priorities? How do you define "Marketing?" That's a large umbrella term that can encompass everything from content creation to PPC to trade shows.

If only one marketing aspect needs to be managed, consider an in-house marketing person/team. For a company achieving growth goals, marketing in only one aspect isn't usually ideal, so an agency might be a better fit. You may discover there is value in, and a place for, both. 

Contact us if you want to discuss further, we'd love to help you if we're the right fit.