How to Use “Source” Meta Tags to Syndicate Content to Other Domains

With the need to diversify the mediums where we publish content, sometimes it’s a good idea to reuse content we already have, especially if that content has proven that it’s getting traction.
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What Are Alt Tags?

Rule number one for alt tags: they are not alt tags, they are alt attributes, also called alt text. A tag is an HTML element, for example, `...
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How to Add Your Business to Waze

Tourists using navigation app on the mobile phone.
Waze is a highly popular traffic and navigation app that provides GPS directions for its users as well as real-time traffic updates. If ther...
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Optimizing Web Content for Voice Search

Google app voice search data
If you've ever used a personal digital assistant like Alexa, Cortana, Google Now or Siri, then you're familiar with voice search, a technolo...
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Immediate Results...Thinking Differently About SEO (CASE STUDY)

Businessman pulling arrow with rope and making it raise up
adWhite marketing & design Case Study - Extended DISC® Company Profile Extended DISC® takes the well-known DISC personality/behavior assessm...
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