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Marketing a Must in 2020

We keep seeing predictions for a recession in 2020. We’re also reading conflicting opinions on whether or not the recession is avoidable. With many CFO’s (smartly) strategizing ways to cut costs, we offer reasons why digital marketing shouldn’t be a focus of those cuts.

Digital Marketing doesn’t stand alone

When used to its full power, ‘marketing’ should not be its own item in your budget; instead, your budget should read ‘Sales and Marketing.’ To take advantage of the full power of your sales and marketing teams (and budgets), foster an environment where they are encouraged to work together. It’s not uncommon for sales and marketing teams to feel at competition with one another. But the truth is, company goals are more likely to be reached when they are aligned.

If your sales and marketing teams are aligned, you’ll be able to curate content that appeals to your buyer personas in each stage of their journey. Not only will you attract leads that are better suited to what you’re selling, but your sales team will have the tools they need to convert and close. #win-win

Digital marketing is quickly adaptable.

Speaking of goals, I’m assuming you’ve set some SMART Goals for 2020. Jump ahead to the end of the 1stquarter with me for a minute and let’s focus on the ‘M’ for ‘Measurable’ in your goal. Your digital marketing efforts have the power of metrics. Whether you use Google Analytics, reporting tools built into your CRM, or another third party, having access to metrics that matter gives you the power to promptly pivot away from initiatives that aren’t producing desired results and towards impactful efforts.

Sometimes a plan looks great on paper but doesn’t work the way you expect. You may have thought your audience would respond to your emails but discover they’re engaging with your SEM content. If you’re sending out the right message at the right time but to the wrong channel, your message won’t connect and convert. Purchasing power may be shifting from seller to buyer, but by utilizing the tools and advantages digital marketing offers, you can respond based on how your target market is reacting right now. The result? A more customer-centric marketing program that attracts qualified leads for your sales team to educate and convert.

Crowded marketplace

You already know – the marketplace is busy, no matter your industry. Everyone is shouting their loudest, trying to be heard, hoping to stand out. It’s also not news to hear SEO is one way to rise above your competition. So how do you stand out while engaging in an activity that a majority of your competition is also utilizing? Strategy!

Instead of using SEO to land you on the first page of results for all the keywords someone may use to find you, focus solely on the key words that are proven to convert those discoveries into qualified leads and ultimately customers.

There’s one last thing to consider. If you’re thinking marketing is costing you too much time, you may be ready to outsource. adWhite Marketing & Design is here to help you. Let us review your current marketing efforts and find ways that we can better those efforts and increase your return on investment for marketing. Contact us now to get started.