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Mix it Up: Creating the Best Content for Your Audience

Almost a quarter century ago, Bill Gates claimed 'Content is King' in regards to a brand’s success on the Internet. Wow did he get that right or what? While many have since agreed, and I'm sitting here picturing you nodding your head as well, I have follow-up questions for you.

Do you know what defines quality content? 

Quality content is content that engages users. On social media, the most measurable way to see that is through viewing the number of likes, comments, retweets, or shares generated by a post. There are ways to view the number of clicks a link receives as well. If content is resonating with the people you target, you’ll see higher numbers.

how do you create it?

Creating content doesn’t always mean generating it - a better phrase for creating quality content is curating quality content. Your content can be articles that you like, some business-related and some that reflect the personality of your business. It can be pictures from company events. It can even be current event-related, if that’s what you suspect your target is interested in. A few guidelines though:

  1. Content plans should be unique to your business and should reflect a personality. Define what that is before you create your content.

  2. Your target audience should influence what you post. adWhite marketing & design wants to target people who need marketing expertise, so we try to provide that for them. A daycare would post information relevant to parents and perhaps working parents, more specifically.

  3. There should be a variety of different media and topics. This is where mixing it up comes in. In general, people use social media for live updates, so it’s wise to provide new information with every post; you can discuss the same theme a few times, but offer a new perspective or shed new light on it. The same old stuff gets, quite frankly, boring, so avoid reusing it (even though you would want to do that in other forms of advertising).

Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to social media success.

… And while we’re at it, is there a content type you prefer to see? If you really like something, let us know by following us and commenting through one of the many media available to you: Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.