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Websites & Branding - the basics


Your company’s online presence is a necessity for success. It all starts with your website. At adWhite marketing & design, we know your website is more than a brochure.

A great website is created with an understanding that:

  • It needs to be functional and easy to use, not just for you - but for your buyers. A prospect or customer is going to use the site very differently than you and your employees do. Consider their path and build around that.

  • All content needs to be relevant and valuable to your top buyer personas and consider each stage of the buyer's journey. Don’t let your website become too dated or lacking fresh content. Keep a pulse on how it's performing and make small edits as needed.

  • Communication with your customers (and prospects) is key. Humanize your company wherever possible. Portfolios and case studies show off your style and what type of results they can expect by working with you. Endorsements from previous happy customers strengthen your company's legitimacy. 

Your company’s website is your place to shine. It should be your hardest working sales tool. Don't be afraid to ask for information from visitors. How else will you know they've visited? They made the first move by checking you out; request a few details and follow up!

Make sure to maintain consistent branding throughout your online presence. From the color scheme, to the overall feel you should be constantly reinforcing who you are. If you don’t fully know what defines your brand, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What makes your company valuable to customers?
  • What is your company’s philosophy?
  • What sets you apart?
  • What kind of customers do you want to have?
  • How can you use your website to showcase your company’s abilities?

There is no one thing to have on a website to make it successful. Make your online presence unique and creative. In short, build up your website around your brand and how it solves your prospect's challenges.

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