New Kid on the Block - First Impressions

It can be hard to be "the new girl." Fortunately, as the daughter of a U.S. Marine, I have lots of experience. The fear of the unknown that accompanies walking into a new office setting rarely rattles me, but if I'm completely honest, I did have some butterflies during the drive to work. They were set free shortly after walking through the door thanks to a very accepting team.

Here's what I quickly recognized: Every conversation began with a smile. A coworker brought 'welcome to the team donuts.' I had a desk with branded adWhite goodies waiting for me. And,  most importantly, teammates were gracious in sharing both time andemma-matthews-content-production-O_CLjxjzN3M-unsplash knowledge to set me up with email, Slack, and other important tools.

The other piece of being new involves understanding where past experiences parallel a new role and where they don't. While I did transition from another Houston-area agency, my duties often focused on selling, with a side of marketing support where needed. As a Digital Marketing Coordinator for adWhite, my day-to-day tasks will be more centered on helping our clients' succeed with inbound marketing. The takeaway? While some of my skills do carry over, I also need some training. 

At the end of Day 1, I was no longer nervous. I had a clear set of expectations for the next two weeks - spoiler alert, it's a lot of training, and I left the office excited to be part of the adWhite team!

I look forward to meeting and working with our clients and partners in the coming weeks and months and digging deeper into all things inbound and HubSpot!

Becca McPhail

About the author - Becca McPhail

Becca approaches each challenge with a cup of coffee and a smile. When she isn't wearing her Digital Marketing Coordinator hat at adWhite, you'll probably find her building elaborate LEGO sets with her boys or planning the next family escape to Disney. She dreams of one day becoming a beekeeper.