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Why We Love HubSpot: Learning Academy

We’ve shared before how much we love HubSpot, and we were proud to announce in 2018 that adWhite is a Platinum agency.  HubSpot is so much more than a CRM; in fact it is full of features that assist in aligning your Marketing, Sales, and Service teams in order to fully engage and delight your contacts.

One of the features I think many tend to either forget about or overlook entirely is the HubSpot Learning Academy.

You have the option to take individual lessons or fully curated courses with an exam and certification at the end. Lessons can be as short as 3 minutes, with others as long as an hour. While some courses are also only an hour, most offer a more in-depth training with short exercises and can require up to 9 hours to finish.


  • Course: Inbound

At its core HubSpot uses an Inbound (as opposed to outbound) method methodology. This course is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with this method and how to apply the practice to all aspects of your business. The course should take 2 hours, plus the exam at the end. In conclusion, absolutely worth the less than half day investment!

  • Lesson: Understanding Marketing Hub

Just need a quick intro on Inbound and what HubSpot can do to boost your marketing efforts? This course is perfect. It’s just 25 minutes long and sure to set you up to successfully implement your favorite new tool.

  • Lesson: Understanding Email Marketing

Emailing prospects, with the right message and at the right time is incredibly important. The HubSpot software provides multiple tools to support your inbound email marketing efforts. This 20-minute lesson is the perfect introduction for anyone just getting in the email marketing game.


  • Course: Inbound Sales

Not to sound redundant, but even though I had several years of sales experience under my belt before using HubSpot, this approach to sales still offered something new to learn. You’ll get the best results from the software if you fully commit. This 2-hour course is broken up into 5 lessons that will teach you the best way to identify, connect, explore and advise leads.

  • Lesson: Prospecting in HubSpot Part 2: Connecting with your Contacts.

Don’t get me wrong, Part 1 (Identifying Good-Fit Leads) is well done and helpful, but if you only have roughly 30 minutes then don’t be shy about skipping ahead. 


If you are a team member of a HubSpot Partner Agency there is one more class I highly recommend; Dan Tyre’s Partner Pipeline Generation Bootcamp. This class is a must for anyone wanting to go all-in with Inbound, HubSpot, and Marketing & Sales alignment. Once accepted into the program, you’re assigned to a cohort and will meet through video conferencing weekly for eight weeks. I don’t want to give a way too much, but I can say it’s been almost a year since my participation in cohort 1513 and I still reflect on lessons learned during that time. Upon graduation, your lead generation tactics will be transformed and you’ll earn the distinction of being a member of Pride Tyre!

At adWhite we use the HubSpot Learning Academy extensively. As a team we’ve earned certifications for 18 different courses! We encourage everyone to keep learning and keep their certifications up to date. We do our best to make it fun and even held a Certification Day last year. Join in on the fun. Or reach out to us and take advantage of our expertise in all things HubSpot and Inbound Marketing!