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Becca approaches each challenge with a cup of coffee and a smile. When she isn't wearing her Digital Marketing Coordinator hat at adWhite, you'll probably find her building elaborate LEGO sets with her boys or planning the next family escape to Disney. She dreams of one day becoming a beekeeper.
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3 Common Misconceptions About LinkedIn

Happy birthday LinkedIn! After 17 years this platform has continued to grow exponentially. After reaching 100,000 members in its first year, LinkedIn now has 630 million users. Yet this social media outlet still seems to be the most intimidating and the most misunderstood due to its positioning as a network for professionals. Let’s take a look at three roadblocks I often hear when asked why organizations don’t include LinkedIn in their inbound marketing strategy.

How Buyer Personas Humanize Your Communications

The new decade changed the world quickly, and in ways many didn’t or couldn't predict. Now we’re all doing our best to adapt, adjust, and attend to business in a way that is efficient, compassionate, and human. Crafting messages that maintain that balance of empathy and still serve value are aided by well thought-out buyer personas.

Buyer personas are critical to long-term success. The process takes time, but if you invest in defining your consumers properly, your efforts will be rewarded tenfold. Maybe even a thousand-fold.

Netflix's 'The Circle' Is Even More Relatable Today

The second week of March (before many felt driven to quarantine), my family was out of town enjoying Spring Break, without me. I tried to take advantage of my free time. I read an entire book, drank a cup of coffee before it got cold, completed some neglected house projects, and then I went wild and headed down to the DMV for my Real ID. After all that I felt productive, fresh, and ready to welcome home my tribe; but there were still 4 days to fill.

What Will They Say in the Year 2120?

From the Bubonic Plague to Ford’s invention of the assembly line, the way society progresses relies on pivotal events; sometimes intentional and other times not. While we are still adjusting to changes due to COVID-19 and unsure of what the next six months will look like, I can’t help but wonder what history books will say about this time 100 years from now.  How will this pandemic affect the way we work and shop, where we choose to live, and more?

Why We Love HubSpot: Learning Academy

We’ve shared before how much we love HubSpot, and we were proud to announce in 2018 that adWhite is a Platinum agency.  HubSpot is so much more than a CRM; in fact it is full of features that assist in aligning your Marketing, Sales, and Service teams in order to fully engage and delight your contacts.