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What's so Awesome About the HubSpot CMS?

I was a pretty big fan of WordPress … was! I mean, it's still OK and it has its pluses and minuses, but it's also a huge pain in my butt!

Inbound we come

The adWhite team is heading to Boston on Monday (Labor day) to attend HubSpot's annual Inbound Conference. This year half of our team is going - five people - so we take this event and this learning opportunity seriously!

Is Page Speed Important For SEO?

Short answer, yes it is. It's very important. But it's not only important for SEO, it's important for user experience and we can't lose sight of that. In fact, SEO is really about improving the user experience, so it's all tied together.

According to Google, page speed on desktop has been a ranking signal for a long time, but in July 2018, page speed for mobile searches became a ranking factor as well.

What Does ASAP Even Mean?

For the record, and for any of our clients or prospective clients who may be reading this: everything we do is done as soon as we can possibly do it!

I imagine this is the case with most service-oriented small businesses. I mean, we often don't get paid until the work is completed, so we do it as quickly as we can.

I Hate My Website … And The Idiots Who Designed It!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we hear you. And we hear this all the time. This is both good for us and bad for us. It's good for us sometimes because the client is not talking about us. It's obviously bad for us when they are talking about us! But we can take it. Sometimes it is actually our fault … sometimes.

Is this how you feel? I bet it is. Unfortunately, most people do feel this way. They look at their website more than anyone else does. They usually overanalyze it more than a prospect or customer would. Plus their expectations about the website and the benefit it will provide to them is the most unrealistic.