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4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

Alright, you know these are coming. The “trends to look for” blogs. They are super popular at the end of every year. But listen, we can't help it. Google loves them, they actually provide some value and we're trend-setters ourselves, so here you go.

Establish Marketing Habits

We all have habits. Some good and some bad. The Internet is filled with articles about the importance of habits, how to establish habits, which habits make you more productive and so on.

I want to talk about small businesses establishing some marketing habits. Repetitive activities that are easy to perform but are essential to business growth.

The Role of Your Website Design Firm

Who did you hire? Did you hire a website designer or an online marketing firm? You may not know the difference, but it's important to know so you can better assess what their responsibilities are for your project and/or ongoing support.

Even if the goal is just to get a new website designed, do you want this firm to also manage your domain name registration, your website hosting, your email hosting, as well as the ongoing maintenance and support of your website? 

adWhite Named Finalist for Lone Star College Small Business of the Year

We were recently informed that we've been named as one of three finalists for the 2019 Small Business of the Year by the Lone Star College-Small Business Development Center Advisory Council.

HubSpot Agency Community: Choose the Right Partner

I love this community. I feel like a majority of the agencies in the HubSpot Partner Program are comfortable playing nice with each other, sharing best practices and even transferring clients peacefully.