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Facebook Business Pages: Managing Page Roles & Requesting Access

Many business owners struggle with the idea (and the actual process) of having a Facebook page for their business. Some may think that Facebook pages are only useful for certain types of businesses or industries - or only important to certa...
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In Defense of the Hashtag

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The marketing world moves fast. When it comes to trends and best practices it can be overwhelming to keep up. That’s probably why you hired ...
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Marketing Research Done Right - Getting to Know Your Audience

When you are thinking of conducting market research for your company, it’s important to do it the right way. You may fondly reflect on resea...
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3 Common Misconceptions About LinkedIn

Happy birthday LinkedIn! After 17 years this platform has continued to grow exponentially. After reaching 100,000 members in its first year,...
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5 Quick Ways to Upgrade your Online Marketing

2020 has gotten off to a rough start for everyone.  Who would have thought at the start of the year that the United States would be issuing ...
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