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Websites & Branding - the basics


Your company’s online presence is a necessity for success. It all starts with your website. At adWhite marketing & design, we know your website is more than a brochure.

Mix it Up: Creating the Best Content for Your Audience

Almost a quarter century ago, Bill Gates claimed 'Content is King' in regards to a brand’s success on the Internet. Wow did he get that right or what? While many have since agreed, and I'm sitting here picturing you nodding your head as well, I have follow-up questions for you.

Set Clear Goals for Success in 2020

The New Year is often heralded as the perfect time for change. Businesses often need the wake up call to refocus and reconnect on why they do what they do.

Think Brand Consistency for 2020

It’s January; and this January market not only a new year, but a new decade! As your company begins planning, take the time to discuss where your brand is (not just your company’s billings). Your brand affects all aspects of what marketers call the marketing mix – product/service, price, placement and promotion.  Here are some talking points and examples to help you stay on track and think brand consistency in 2020!

The Power of Social Media Planning


Planning is obviously important when it comes to how your business operates - and it applies to social media as well. You probably know what message you want to send, but the execution is a little more complex.

Here are some quick tips to help guide you when planning out your social media. Take these into account before the day you want to post and it will make your life so much easier.