Am I Eligible for COVID-19 Google Ad Credits?

As the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the globe it’s affecting businesses worldwide – especially small to medium-sized businesses. According to these statistics, there are 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. – that makes up about 99.7% of all business in America - that employ around 59 million people. After looking at those numbers it’s clear to see how important it is to our community and economy to support small businesses.  

Five Books to Read Now (great for a Quarantine)

Last year we shared how reading more is beneficial to improving your marketing strategy creation and success. Now that we will be spending more time at home I think it's a good opportunity to do just that and I hope you'll join me. Here's a list of personal recommendations that I think you might find interesting. From personal development to fiction there’s something for everyone.

Google Rejecting Ads for Malicious or Unwanted Software

Malicious is such an ugly word. Am I right?

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

Pretty much everyone is familiar with Wikipedia. It’s usually one of the top search results to pull up when you Google any random thing ranging from people to places to things. However, we don’t often think of Wikipedia as a place for their business to promote brand awareness…but it is.  

Key Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the leading marketing method for companies that want to grow their business. The most successful organizations have embraced the inbound method to attract prospects, convert leads, build relationships and ultimately increase sales.