Marketing Research Done Right - Getting to Know Your Audience

When you are thinking of conducting market research for your company, it’s important to do it the right way. You may fondly reflect on research projects in school. While times may have changed a bit since then, the steps you took will help you conduct successful market research now. And now, thanks to social media outlets, some of this can be done yourself!

5 Marketing Ideas for the Next Normal

As a strategist working in the field of digital marketing, the hit of COVID-19 presented both opportunities and challenges. As remote work suddenly became a necessity for many, productivity tools' stock prices soared. In addition, we witnessed a dramatic increase in companies' interest and investment in their online presence. On the other hand, it is clear that each segment of the market experienced the unexpected disruption a little differently.

5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Grows Your Business

My mom was really good at getting information out of me when I was a teenager. And that’s because she didn’t pounce on me the minute I walked in the door after school and pepper me with a never-ending list of questions. Instead, she would share something she knew that was relevant to me. It could have been a story from when she was in high school/college, a bit of gossip from another mom, or some other inspired source. After she broke the ice, I would share more about my day than I originally meant. Let's not get into whether this was parenting genius or classic manipulation.  Whatever it was, she knew that you “have to give a little to get a lot.” The same can be said for Content Marketing.

Eye-Opening Inbound Stats

The inbound marketing approach contrasts greatly with traditional marketing. Standard advertising pushes OUT messages using methods such as cold-calling, direct mail, radio, TV ads, flyers, email spam and telemarketing. Inbound marketing delights your potential customers by providing them with something they actually want — when they want it — rather than annoying them with interruptions at the worst times. Remember how receptive you are to getting telemarketing calls during dinner?

Executing Your Crisis Communication Plan in the Face of COVID-19

One of our favorite business quotes is from President Dwight D. Eisenhower who said he learned in the Army that “plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”