Influencer Marketing: Who's Influencing Who & How It Matters for Your Business

Chances are, if you follow anyone on social media then you have been influenced at least once or twice to try something. It could have been by someone you follow on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, or any other social media platform. Whether it was to try a product or an activity, you may not have known at the time that the “influence” on you was intentional, but it was. Completely. Intentional. It's a subtle but not-so subtle marketing technique called Influencer Marketing, and for anyone wanting to promote their brand in 2017 and beyond, it's becoming an important part of a business's digital marketing strategy.

The Importance of Sales and Marketing Alignment

The vitality and success of a business depend on having effective marketing and sales teams. Companies look to their marketing team to research target markets and bring back viable leads. The sales team takes over and turns those leads into paying customers.

adWhite Named to List of Largest Houston-Area Advertising and Marketing Agencies

The Houston Business Journal recently announced its rankings for the Largest Houston-Area Advertising Agencies, and adWhite marketing & design earned the 19th spot. The list ranks Houston-area agencies based on their fiscal year 2016 revenue in the greater Houston area.

Why Content Is More About Quality Than Quantity

It seems that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are inundated with copious amounts of new content every single day. Although more is usually better, this is not necessarily true when it comes to content. Scaling back on your content might just drive more people to your website in the end.

Video Marketing: Today's Necessity

Adopting video into your marketing campaign is no longer a fancy addition. Today's users prefer to engage with this kind of content over any other form. As more of your competition uses video content to market their products and services, it's essential to get on board to stay relevant in today's market.