How & Why do Blogs go Viral?

Any online content can go viral — a blog, a social post, a video, an article — anything. However, there’s no magic number or exact definition of viral. What a small, local business considers viral is not going to be the same as what a big brand-name considers viral.

adWhite is a 5-Star Content Marketing Agency on Clutch

A good content marketing strategy can be the key to developing a solid online brand identity. People are consuming content every single day, so to make sure your company is putting out the right type of material to attract your target audience, it’s important that you have the right plan in place. Working with an agency like adWhite makes the process that much easier.

HubSpot Reports vs. Google Analytics

We've had a few clients ask us about this recently — mostly about some differences they see between Google Analytics and HubSpot. These clients are seeing that some visitor numbers are not lining up exactly. Also, some bounce rates vary a hair.

A majority of our clients use HubSpot, so we've come to rely on Google Analytics much less than we used to. But the truth is, Google Analytics offers deeper, more meaningful website stats.

Do I Need a Password Manager?

I debated this question with myself for many years. Why do I need a password manager? I use fairly complex passwords that have meaning to me so I don’t forget them … except when I forget them, or when I’m required by a website to change them on a regular basis. And I have a list of passwords hidden on my home computer that I keep constantly updated (well, mostly). And I have a copy of that (mostly updated) list on my work computer that’s also updated (for the most part). And the passwords on my iPhone and iPad are stored automatically, so I don’t need to remember those … except when I have to reset one and then have to reference the (sort of) updated list on my computer. It seems like a good system, right?

The Evolution of the Agency Model

You may have read
Taylor’s post on how adWhite started out as a “full-service” advertising agency and transitioned into an Inbound Marketing Agency. But let’s take a quick look at the agency landscape overall.