Ad Agency Hate for Content Marketing

I feel like writing a blog today and I need to be writing more often. Instead of diving into some research though, I'm going to shoot from the hip. There's a lot of anger going around social media these days. I'm in Houston, TX and it's Mar...
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Mix it Up: Creating the Best Content for Your Audience

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Almost a quarter century ago, Bill Gates claimed 'Content is King' in regards to a brand’s success on the Internet. Wow did he get that righ...
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Asking for a Friend ...

Asking for a friend
This is a vulnerable post for me, but I'm going to channel fellow Texan Brene Brown here and share my bizarre experiences lately of being as...
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Online Content Creation Tools You Can Use Today

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From video-creation tools to sourcing free images for your content creation, there are many online sources to assist you in your marketing e...
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Cloud-Based Tools I Use Daily

Everyone has heard about the cloud I'm sure. Even if you don't understand it, it's likely that you use it or tools that are within the cloud...
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