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How to Write an Effective Blog Post

When the latest writing assignment arrived in my inbox, I had to do a double-take. “How to Write an Effective Blog Post”!?! My first thought was that “robots” had taken over and were trying to achieve AI dominance by learning how to write l...
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Make Sure Your Email Marketing is Clicking: CTR is a Key Metric

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Designing an effective email marketing campaign is a bit like being a homebuilder as both require a structurally-sound foundation if you hop...
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Changing Up Your Website Perspective

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Whenever we have clients reach out to us asking us for a refresh or website update we like to take take a step back and review their online ...
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The Rule of Seven: A Marketing Classic

high school track with hurdles and runners
For decades, marketing students have been hearing about the Rule of Seven. The premise is, it takes seeing or hearing an advertisement seven...
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Facebook Business Pages: Managing Page Roles & Requesting Access

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Many business owners struggle with the idea (and the actual process) of having a Facebook page for their business. Some may think that Faceb...
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