Kids Who Code: What is HTML Anyway?

It's not uncommon to see children navigating devices as well or even better than their parents. Today, kids are growing up with computer skills as second nature. I grew up with Oregon Trail

As technology continues to evolve, so does the need for programmers. Web programming, also known as coding, refers to the writing, markup and coding involved in web development and content. The most common languages used for web programming are XML, HTML, JavaScript, Perl5 and PHP. 

Website links and buttons: what’s the difference?

One of the more often misused elements of the web is, ironically, the foundation of the web itself.

When we create web products, we want to make them easy for everybody to use. At the same time, we want to draw the user’s attention so they can act on something that could benefit the owner of the website. For example, we might style a link like a button to grab more attention and redirect the user to a landing page after clicking it.

Often the means we use to accomplish such actions diminish the results of the original goal.

Why We Became An Inbound Marketing Agency

adWhite started as a "full-service" advertising agency. I had worked for two ad agencies and two direct-response agencies in Dallas. I liked the idea of running an advertising agency. Initially we focused on business-to-business clients with a particular focus on the maintenance side of commercial aviation, because that was where I personally had the most expertise. We developed logos and brochures and websites for companies that sold their products or services to commercial airlines. We then started helping them with trade shows (not only the design pieces but also the production and logistics of the trade shows). It wasn't the most fun work, but it got my foot in the door with several clients because they didn't have a marketing team, and they didn't want their sales team coordinating trade shows.

Stepping Up Marketing for Increased Organic Search Results and New Leads (Case Study)

Company Profile
Sweeney Foot & Ankle Specialists opened in The Woodlands, TX, in 2009 and have since expanded to a second location in the north Houston area. They specialize in all aspects of podiatric medicine as well as treating peripheral neuropathy and other nerve disorders. Both practicing doctors are certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery.

Losing Twitter Followers? Here's Why

Everyone's heard of Twitter, right? I mean, there are some current political figures using it quite extensively. Even if you aren't a Twitter pro, you've certainly heard about some of these political tweets lately, I'm sure.