Social Media: 2018 Overview & 2019 Predictions

The year 2018 was a big one for social media.

Live streaming video became one of the most valuable social media tools for businesses in 2018. From product launches and live broadcasting of events, to employee training and engagement, some other aspects of social media that really took off last year are:

Act Like A Prospect For Your Clients

We work with many different clients across a wide range of industries. And while we have a pretty good handle on basic as well as more in-depth online marketing activities, we found that there are a few simple activities we can perform monthly for our clients that provide a lot of value. These are so simple that you may not even think they are worthwhile, but we have many real-world examples that prove they are.

Monthly Reporting to Clients

Monthly reports are important! Providing our clients with monthly reports serves many purposes. For one — and the main reason we started doing it — we want our clients to see what they are paying for, both our activities and the results. Marketing used to be hard to measure or quantify. But now we have access to tons of online tracking and data that can break down our monthly efforts, so clients can pretty easily see what we are doing and the results of these efforts.

Let's Prototype a Website!

Firstly, why prototype a website? For the same reason builders have blueprints, financiers use models and movie-makers pen screenplays and leverage pre-visualization. After the definition phase comes the design phase. Thoughtful design can save time, money, and head space for production crews. When it comes time to start shooting a movie, filmmakers would rather concentrate on creating the vision and not break stride by having to rewrite lines and scenes. One responsibility of web design is to answer as many questions as possible prior to the development phase. It’s a lot easier to alter a design than it is revamp an entire wing of a half-constructed house.Let’s prototype!

Powerful Words in Marketing

For those of us who use language daily to capture and convert, words are some of our most powerful tools. Here are some of the many words that align with what we do as an inbound marketing agency.