The Benefits of Switching from Chrome to Firefox

Since I fully switched to Firefox, it’s been hard to use Chrome again. I use it sometimes to test cross-browser compatibility in websites and to load some pages that don’t work with Firefox (yes, they exist), but that's it.

Google Listings for Your Business — Just the Basics

Almost every day we get questions that are Google-focused. There’s a reason Google offers certifications if you’re willing to do the work and take the tests, and that reason is because Google is confusing (and is always changing)!

Core Values Matter

As chief bean counter at adWhite, I get a slightly different view of the work and effort that goes into the many tasks that drive successful inbound marketing results for our clients. I’m a little bit on the outside looking in, hearing the dialogue about strategy and objectives and then seeing the results that culminate from all the tasks that were executed. It’s exciting and rewarding to see the success stories, and I often give thought to the key ingredients that help us achieve these positive outcomes.

How to Use “Source” Meta Tags to Syndicate Content to Other Domains

With the need to diversify the mediums where we publish content, sometimes it’s a good idea to reuse content we already have, especially if that content has proven that it’s getting traction.

How Does Color Influence Branding?

The world around us is painted with a full spectrum of colors, each with different abilities to affect our mood in many ways, some subtle and some obvious. Marketers have learned how to use colors in both design and branding to elicit desired emotional responses. Here are some common colors and how they affect branding.