Dark Mode in Email Clients

Dark mode has come to email clients. I first noticed it in my iPhone on Outlook. It's a feature I have been wanting to use in my phone since I first saw it in macOS and I've been using it for a long time in my Linux devices.

HubSpot Partner Day & #INBOUND19: Day 1

HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference (and Partner Day at INBOUND) is something that we at adWhite look forward to every year. We usually attend the entire week from start to finish, but sometimes life gets in the way, and that’s exactly what it did to me this year. When I couldn’t secure childcare for the entire week of the conference, we decided that I would make a quick trip to Boston to experience Partner Day and Day 1 of INBOUND, before heading back home to my family (shout out to Taylor -  World’s Best Boss - for understanding).

Takeaways and Random Thoughts from Inbound 2019

At the beginning of September a few of us from the adWhite team packed our suitcases and headed to Boston for Inbound 2019 + Partner Day. It was a jam-packed week full of informative sessions, talks, and a few fun meals in between. I always leave Inbound feeling refreshed and encouraged to shake things up a bit! Which is good - change is good!

Highlights of #INBOUND19 according to a Jaded Digital Marketer

You are reading this blog. I am assuming you already know HubSpot - a marketing automation platform for marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software. "INBOUND" is an annual conference hosted by HubSpot.

Admittedly, this being my 5th time going to INBOUND, I was naturally a little jaded. I knew exactly how to get from point A to point B using free or public transportation (passing my fellow first timer waiting for their Uber). I thought that the experience could no way top Inbound 2017 seeing Michelle Obama live before her book "Becoming" was published); Brene Brown and Shonda Rhymes #INBOUND18; or live up to the first time being exposed Malcom Gladwell and Simon Sinek's take on leadership and innovation way back in 2014. But I was wrong. 

The Power of Customer Loyalty Programs

I remember when I signed up for my first customer loyalty program. It was at the urging of my husband during my checkout at a Hallmark store many years ago. I can recall them asking me to sign up and thinking, "why bother?", but my husband encouraged me to go ahead because what could it hurt? I think back to that every time I get Hallmark rewards coupons in the mail and sort of chuckle that I really didn’t think it would be worthwhile.