What Are Alt Tags?

Rule number one for alt tags: they are not alt tags, they are alt attributes, also called alt text. A tag is an HTML element, for example, `<img src=“logo.jpg”>` and along with the alt attribute it looks like this: `<img src=“logo.jpg” alt=“adWhite’s logo”>`. 

The alt attribute helps to explain what the image is about to people who can’t see it. For example, when a visually impaired person is using a website, a screen reader can read out loud the alt attribute, giving the user context about the image.

Search engines use the alt attribute for the same purpose. That’s why some people recommend including keywords in the alt attribute. But be aware: the use of keywords that convey no context in the image in alt attributes can hurt the SEO instead of improving it. This is called keyword stuffing.

Modern Web Design

For marketers, the primary responsibility of modern web design and development is to convert leads and produce results. Websites aren’t brochures anymore, they are interactive drivers that bring together businesses and customers via a thoughtful experience.

The Imprtance of Prooofreading

In my earlier life as a typesetter/graphic production artist, I had the good fortune of working with others who regularly checked my work. This made it easy for me to concentrate on how a piece of literature needed to look and function, without necessarily having all the words exactly perfect.

Beginning HubSpot Template Development Outside the Design Manager

The HubSpot design manager and its default modules are a handy way for HubSpot customers to package and deliver content and marketing tools via email, blogs and web pages, without having access to advanced development support.

Swoogo + HubSpot: An example of a successful implementation

Recently we had a client reach out to us with questions about an event-scheduling software program that integrates with HubSpot. First off, we love when the client is looking to connect more tools to HubSpot and therefore get more value from the platform. Our client added a training facility to their location last year and was looking for a way to streamline the scheduling and registration of the weekly training classes. This client was offering classes to clients, potential clients and employees. In his research, the client came across software called Swoogo and asked that we take a look at it and let him know our thoughts.