Enduring Life Without A Smartphone

I was without a smartphone for a few weeks, and while I waited for my replacement claim to process, the importance the smartphone plays in modern living became crystal-clear. Loss aids in the development of understanding and, most importantly, appreciation. In some ways, I may have been better off, but I also encountered a few situations that highlighted the critical roles our smartphones play in daily living. Habit fires more quickly than conscious memory. Time and again I would automatically reach for my glossy, Gorilla-Glassed instrument, only to sigh when I remembered I was without.

Strategic Activities Lead To Increased Revenues (CASE STUDY)

Company Profile
Employer Flexible, founded in 2003, is a comprehensive business outsourced solutions provider that combines intuition and expertise to help its clients impact what matters to their organization. The company’s lines of service include HR Solutions, such as PEO, as well as Recruitment Solutions. Headquartered in Houston, Employer Flexible has several offices across Texas and they are passionate about getting to know each of their clients and providing them with tailored HR solutions.

Knowing Your Expenses Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

Yeah, it's another blog post from the resident accountant!!! Get excited!

8 Ways to Overcome Content Block

It happens. You sit down to plan out your content for the month and you draw a blank. You feel like you've written about every topic possible that's relevant to your business and can't fathom having to come up with more topics. Well, you're in luck — here are a few tricks we use when we have content block.

Are You A Victim of an Online Security Breach?

Cyber security has been and will continue to be a major issue for businesses and consumer alike. And it doesn't look like it's going to go away any time soon.

Here's a great article I encourage you to read from our friends at PS Lightwave in Houston, TX: Cyber Security: By Far The Biggest Risk To Your Company.

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