Social Media is Dying! (Not really! It’s Just Used Less & Differently)

You see that! All we had to do was write “Social Media is Dying!” and you had to click. It’s also not likely that this is your first “Social Media is Dead” post to come across your inbox.
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Marketing Challenges Predicted for 2024: AI, Google’s EEAT & More!

Challenge Concept
The calendar years may change but the marketing merry-go-round continues the same with small and medium-sized companies continually chasing ...
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Should Brands Address Social Issues or is That the Third Rail of Business Today

Portrait of pretty young businesswoman and many question marks around
Business leaders, many of whom grew up in the era of “never discuss politics or religion in polite company”, are caught in a contentious env...
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What’s the Difference between a Font and a Typeface

man choosing a font
When it comes to the ink-smudged world of typesetting, you would assume that the terminology employed would be simple and straightforward, o...
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Is it Time to Bounce the Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate
Web analytic metrics can range from the essential to the superfluous and everything in between.
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