3 Main Types of Websites: Which is Right for You?

The web we see on our screens will be always rendered the same way, with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Even when we use different languages in the back-end like PHP, Node or Python, everything renders into the same HTML, CSS, JavaScript combo.

But with the modernization of these tools there are new ways to create websites. The most popular methods to build websites are:

  • Static websites. The same as always, writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript using a text editor.

  • CMS. A prebuilt set of tools that helps us to write, structure and present the content the way we want with less technical knowledge.

  • Site builders. This is a tool for people who can’t code. Users can drag and drop components and create a basic layout in hours, sometimes even minutes.

HubSpot Tips & Tricks - Where a File is  Being Used

I feel like I discover neat little tricks in HubSpot every day. Recently I was cleaning out our images folder within the FILES section of our account and I noticed a really nifty feature – This File is Used In. So basically, you can click on a file/image and in the file details it lists out where that file/image is used within your site/social posts/emails. This will really help with making sure you don’t double use a stock image. Very nifty!

Optimizing Web Content for Voice Search

If you've ever used a personal digital assistant like Alexa, Cortana, Google Now or Siri, then you're familiar with voice search, a technology that uses speech recognition and allows a user to speak a search query into a device. Results are returned in a device-optimized format on a screen, or as audio results vocalized by the personal digital assistant. People tend to interface with voice technology differently than how they approach interactions using keyboards, and even when results are presented outside of a web browser, many of the results retrieved come from the world wide web.

Common Sense Communication Skills

It’s Friday afternoon and you are ready to hit the door and start your weekend then your phone buzzes and you take a peek and it’s a text from a client in all CAPS and lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your heart drops. You break out in a sweat. Your brain enters overdrive mode and you start envisioning every horrible inconceivable situation you can imagine. So, you pick the phone up to call your client and stare longingly at the door knowing your weekend is not about to get started. 10 minutes later you hang up and take a deep breath. False alarm. Your client was perfectly happy. You just over analyzed their text message and probably lost 5 years off your life.

HubSpot Social Media Certification Course

I recently completed the HubSpot Social Media Certification to see if I could glean any valuable information from it that I don't already know. Turns out I already know everything! I kid, I kid...

I became a social media user in 2004 when Facebook was first launched, and I've used social media every day since; it's a large part of my job now. So I guess you could say we've come a long, long way together...through the hard times in the hood (sorry, I couldn't resist).