New Social Media Channels - Early Adopt or Wait?

My husband recently got invited to join Clubhouse; the voice based social network. While I’m not typically an early adopter, I did enjoy the opportunity to observe and eavesdrop as he downloaded the app, browsed topics and joined a conversation. About a week later, a colleague mentioned he was already planning on how to apply Clubhouse’s innovative way of communicating to reach his audience and set himself up as a real-time resource in ways that blogs and even podcasts can’t.

That got me thinking…how do you know the time is right to implement yet another social platform into your marketing playbook?

Nextdoor Platform Connects Neighbors, Businesses During Pandemic

In the era of social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are increasingly turning to the Nextdoor platform to connect to neighbors as well as local businesses and national brands.

The digital social networking site with a small-town newspaper feel, allows neighbors to share news, events, tips, recommendations, and other information, including COVID-19 and vaccines, on a local level.

TikTok Influencers Provide Brands A Powerful B2C Marketing Channel

TikTok, launched on the world stage less than three years ago, has become a go-to marketing channel for B2C brands, especially those looking to reach millennials and Gen Z consumers.

“TikTok’s authentic nature has indelibly changed the social media landscape by providing individuals with the opportunity to go viral in a more organic way,” wrote Justin Kline this month in PR Daily.

The Best Time to Post on Social Media in 2021

Creating content to post on your company’s social media is only half the battle – knowing when to post is essential to social media success!

The Importance of a Blog to Your Company’s Marketing Strategy

To blog or not to blog … if that is the question your company is asking, then your inbound marketing strategy needs a tune-up.

Basically, asking if a blog is important for your company website is akin to asking if water is important for your new aquarium… it’s not just important, it’s essential and without it, your marketing campaign might flounder.