Using Google Reviews as Content for Social Media & Marketing

Online reviews are becoming more and more important for businesses. We live in a digital world, so it’s no surprise that we turn to online search results and online reviews when we’re looking for recommendations on new products, restaurants, services, stores, etc.

5 Reasons Why I Love HubSpot Support

It’s pretty well known that we LOVE HubSpot here at adWhite. We love the software and the people behind the software. But just like all things in tech, it's always changing. HubSpot is constantly evolving to better serve its users and this means that the exact path you follow to perform certain tasks within the software gets changed. I’ll log in to do something and — boom – that little feature has moved. There is usually some type of warning prior to things changing, but I tend to miss most of these warnings.

Should You Stay Connected or Unplug?

Technology has brought many wonderful things to our lives — connecting with long-lost friends, being able to stay in touch with people miles away, shopping, re-ordering supplies, getting notices on events and what's happening near us … etc. The list is endless. Just as I might have a hard time imagining what life was like without a dishwasher or laundry machine for my grandparents, my children will no doubt wonder how people survived without WiFi and having access to information at their fingertips at all times.

The Benefits of Switching from Chrome to Firefox

Since I fully switched to Firefox, it’s been hard to use Chrome again. I use it sometimes to test cross-browser compatibility in websites and to load some pages that don’t work with Firefox (yes, they exist), but that's it.

Google Listings for Your Business — Just the Basics

Almost every day we get questions that are Google-focused. There’s a reason Google offers certifications if you’re willing to do the work and take the tests, and that reason is because Google is confusing (and is always changing)!